Help shape the next generation of entrepreneurs. Shark Tank eSchool is designed to create innovative thinkers. More than 8000 secondary school students have participated in the program. Now, it’s your school’s turn.

About the program

Shark Tank eSchool is a project-based learning program designed by Marketing Innovation Entrepreneurship Lab (MIELab). It’s delivered by teachers in the classroom supported by Shark Tank eSchool modules and Charles Sturt University. Students work their ‘big idea’ across eight modules. They will learn core skills, including creativity, innovation, critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork and communication. What’s more, knowledge, skill, and application activities also incorporate the Australian Curriculum general capabilities. Towards the end of the program, students will attend an exclusive masterclass with Charles Sturt University that will help the students develop their idea and pitch in preparation for the state’s showcase event.

Get set for your students to:
  • identify problems or challenges
  • generate solutions
  • design and test a prototype
  • build a business model
  • pitch their idea.

Train the teacher

Before your students get to work, we’ll set you up for success. Our train the teacher model is fully supported by MIELab, so you’ll have access to online support when you need it. And you can get certified to teach the course in just two days. You’ll be taken through key areas in the program and, once you’re trained, you’ll receive the complete package needed to teach your students. This includes module plans, resources, assessment documents and rubrics. Join more than 270 teachers who have completed Shark Tank eSchool teacher training and help your students unleash their creativity.


Access online support with MIELab
Enhance your understanding of entrepreneurship
Help students develop transferable skills
Collaborate with partner universities and industry experts
On-campus masterclass at Charles Sturt for students

Key dates

12 June 2023

Teach the Teacher Registrations close

13-14 June 2023

Teacher Training 2023 for delivery Term 3 and 4

19 June 2023

Semi finals

26 June 2023

Showcase final

30 October 2023

Teach the Teacher Registrations close

31 Oct - 1 Nov 2023

Teach the Teacher Training for 2024

12 November 2023

Semi finals

19 November 2023

Showcase finals

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