Information Technology

From working with big data to investigating cyber criminals, our IT courses put you at the cutting edge. Start your next step in July at Australia’s most experienced online university. You can study between one and four subjects over the next six months at a reduced rate as part of the government’s Higher Education Relief Package. Complete four and you’ll be awarded a full graduate certificate. If you complete one, two or three, you’ll receive credit for them if you go on to complete a full grad cert later.

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Graduate Certificate in Cloud Computing and Virtualisation

Gain the knowledge, capabilities and communication skills needed to design and manage cloud computing architectures in a business context.

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Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security

In the Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security from Charles Sturt University you'll be taught by industry experts to address the contemporary issues and needs of the rapidly growing cyber security sector, such as digital forensics, the dark web and cyberwarfare and terrorism.

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Graduate Certificate in Industry Computing

Design a short study program to suit your professional needs and interests. Choose from a broad range of industry-oriented subjects in areas such as mobile app development, virtualisation and cloud computing, network security, computer programming and IT management.

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Graduate Certificate in Information Systems Security

This course prepares you for the task of identifying, producing and managing solutions to threats that endanger information system resources.

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Graduate Certificate in Networking and Systems Administration

Play a crucial role in the efficient functioning of your organisation by gaining expertise in the design, implementation and management of computer networks.

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